santa amalia

Santa Amália



It was a big challenge: repositioning the brand and launching a new type of pasta. Before that research and more research was needed. Consumer surveys convinced us that the company needed a brand rejuvenation strategy. We devised a new concept “Celebrate good times”, launched in a commercial with an emotional appeal voiced over by Débora Falabella:





A series of commercials followed spelling out our campaign concept: “Good times call for pasta. And pasta is Santa Amalia”. The adverts “Romance”, “Family”, and “Friends” offered recipes to celebrate good times.



It was time then to launch the new product: Specialle. Its differential: it never gets sticky even without oil. We created commercials and graphic materials that challenged consumers with a question. The result surprised in speed and magnitude: in only 1 month, sales growth was 204%.





At the point of sale we promoted a “White Invasion”, which differentiated us immediately from the competition:


AC-0017-14_PDV_wobbler INVASAO BRANCA2



We also took the brand to the internet. A new site (check it out here) and social networks brought surprising and immediate results and continue to strongly engage: our Facebook fan base grew by 1.275% after only 2 months. In addition to daily posts that attract great attention, we’ve created a web series that shows how easy it is to create delicious recipes with Santa Amalia. It is called “Santa Amalia in 1 Minute”, it has released more than 20 episodes. Check out three of them:



And the story continues. Our campaign concept now carries the message “Good times are made to share”. Check out one of the movies we’re running in Master Chef and some episodes of the series created in partnership with GNT: